Valley Acupuncture
Having attended post graduate study, I am safely trained to administer acupuncture from conception right through to labour. I will always refer to any advise you have been given from your medical team and work alongside what they are trying to achieve for the safest outcome. Please bring your midwife clinic notes with you at each session.

Discomforts during pregnancy

If you are looking for a drug free option during pregnancy, acupuncture offers a safe and natural approach in helping to alleviate certain symptoms. Examples of some of the conditions I have seen in my clinic include back pain, swollen ankles, headaches, lethargy and nausea.

Preparing for labour

Pre-birth acupuncture, starting at 37 weeks can help you feel relaxed, prepared for childbirth and helps to give your body an energy kick ready for the labour ahead. I also see patients who are anxious about going over their due date and are keen to try acupuncture to help ease the transition into labour. Depending on your history, I can also demonstrate how to apply acupressure for labour.

Moxibustion for breech babies

If your baby is in the breech position it may be possible to try moxibustion. This involves applying gentle heat with a moxa stick near the edge of both the little toes for 20 minutes a day for 10 days. Your first treatment will be given with your initial consultation and a further 9 sessions will be carried out by yourself or your partner at home. All you need to know regarding safety and what to expect will be explained at consultation.

valley acupuncture
Pregnancy related nausea

Acupuncture helped to calm down the severe nausea I was experiencing and therefore enabled me to start eating again to regain strength.
Breech baby

When I found out my baby was breech, I tried moxa treatment which proved to be successful and my baby turned.
Overdue baby

Acupuncture relaxed me when my baby was overdue and within 24 hours of treatment I gave birth to a baby girl. A big thanks to Louise for being part of my birthing journey.
Relaxation prior to medical induction of labour

Having an acupuncture treatment the day before my medical induction was due really helped me to stay calm and focused.