Valley Acupuncture

Natural pain relief

In clinic, I often see patients whose pain is associated with an ongoing medical condition, or a condition that has suddenly occurred. It may be that your pain is concentrated in one particular area or feels to be in more than one region. Therefore, pain scale assessment is carried out to determine the location, severity and characteristics of your pain. Treatment is safe to have whilst taking your pain relieving medication and some patients report having reduced their analgesia due to the natural pain relieving effect of acupuncture.
valley acupuncture
Low back pain

I found acupuncture effective when I fell off my horse and injured my lower back. I felt relaxed and was able to function better.
Shoulder pain

Having acupuncture helped to ease my pain whilst I was on the NHS waiting list for a rotator cuff repair.
Chronic headaches

After years of trying various medications, I feel acupuncture is the only treatment that really works.