Valley Acupuncture

Specific conditions

There are many general health conditions for which acupuncture may be beneficial. If you need any advice as to whether treatment may help your individual condition or state of health please contact me.

Smoking Cessation

If you are keen to stop smoking and have tried other methods, acupuncture may help. Known as 5 point protocol, the ear is needled at five specific points, to induce relaxation, detoxification and hopefully suppress the need to smoke.

Mental Wellbeing

Known for being a very relaxing treatment, acupuncture may be effective for anxiety, recovery from trauma and sleep disorders.

valley acupuncture
Louise is a consummate professional who considers every aspect of the patients complaint. The unrushed consultation is a very reassuring process and the follow up treatments are in tune. The calming effect brought on by treatments can be quite long lasting. I have recommended several colleagues for treatment for a wide range of health problems and like me they have all felt the benefits.
I work in a very damp environment and often feel my nasal passages are blocked. After a visit to the ENT specialist I decided surgery wasn’t for me. Acupuncture really does help to unblock my nose as well as aiding my sleep after treatment.