Valley Acupuncture

General Health Conditions

In clinic, I have seen patients that have tried acupuncture with good results for a wide range of general health problems. If you need any advice as to whether your condition may benefit from treatment, please contact me.

Supporting your health after cancer treatment

I have attended post graduate training to help me understand how acupuncture can help and support patients who have undergone cancer treatment and are trying to get their lives back. In my clinical experience, I have found acupuncture to be beneficial for some side effects of cancer treatment and feel it can offer support for a patients mental wellbeing.

5 Point Protocol for smoking cessation

I have also undertaken training in the application of 5 point protocol, which involves inserting 5 needles into the ear to help patients stop smoking. This style of acupuncture is aimed at helping to relax the body and suppress the need to smoke.

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Hay fever and relaxation

I have used acupuncture to effectively alleviate the signs and symptoms of hay fever and the calming effects brought on by treatments can be quite long lasting. Louise approaches any issues brought to her practice with due care and consideration to the patient, their lifestyle and the long-term outcomes. The unrushed consultation is a very reassuring process and the follow up treatments are in tune. I have recommended several colleagues for treatment and like me they all have seen benefits. Anyone who has doubts about the practice of acupuncture should take up an initial consultation with Louise. She is a consummate professional who would not treat a patient just because she can. Every aspect of the patient and complaint is taken into thorough consideration before any treatment is considered.