Valley Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture: treating the body internally and externally

According to Chinese Medicine the face is a representation of the balance of the organ systems and your emotional status. Treatment is therefore applied using two approaches. One is constitutional which means points are used to correct the internal imbalance which may be manifesting on the face. It is this theory that sets the Traditional Chinese medicine approach apart from `cosmetic acupuncture`. The second approach is to focus on the face, neck and eyes to reduce lines, sagging, and swelling. Facial muscles are needled to provide a toning and tightening action. The tiny puncture of the needles also stimulates the release of collagen to help repair skin, stimulate blood circulation and improve facial colour.

valley acupuncture
I have had several treatments and Valley Acupuncture and have found facial acupuncture amazing. It is a very relaxing experience and it has helped my skin to feel smoother and brighter. The puffy area around my eyes and a deep line is much improved. Facial acupuncture is more than just ` a facial`, it is an holistic approach to re balancing the entire body. I also find the application of traditional Chinese medicine incorporated into the treatment very interesting